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Hi there!

My name is In Park, the heart behind If my name hints at a story, it's because there is one – I hail from South Korea and have made my home here in the lively city of Brighton, UK.

Having lived here for over a decade, my journey has been one of blending cultures, discovering beauty, and nurturing an appreciation for the legacy of both lands. And now, I’m on a mission to bring a piece of this legacy to you through

I hope to be a destination where every piece of tableware is selected and curated to infuse serenity and beauty into your daily routines. Born from a deep-seated desire to share the lyrical and modern artistry of Korean pottery, is my way of bridging two worlds – the rich heritage of my Korean roots with the captivating charm of British life.

We're just at the start of this adventure, with the promise to bring a touch of joy to your table and life through our hand-picked selection of treasures. So, come along and let's make every day a little more beautiful, one table setting at a time.

Additionally, I'd love to connect with you and hear your stories too. If you're curious about, our curated collection, or want to discuss business opportunities or if you just want to say hello, drop me a line at And if you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, why not share a moment with us at I'm always keen to learn about the wonderful people who bring our tableware into their homes. Let's chat soon!